Bonsai Karate opened the dojo doors to students in 2006 and has been teaching karate to children and adults ever since. Senior instructor, Sensei Nick Noordink is a 3rd Dan and has been teaching karate for over 15 years. See more about our instructors here 

Bonsai Karate offers families the ability to train side by side in classes, parents are welcome to train with their children. Age is no Barrier, we have students from 5 - 60 years old. 

Our family club is very welcoming and accepting of beginners. All students are treated with kindness and respect. We strive to develop good behaviour by teaching good values and have a strong focus on self improvment. 

Our students are taught to eliminate violent and aggressive behaviour towards others. Use of karate in any situation other than self defense is not tolerated. 


From the very first class we help each student develop the correct technique. This helps teach body control and discipline, as well as protecting joints and muscles.


Beginners are introduced to light contact if they so choose. As students develop they will be taught to control contact at a slowly increasing level. Students do not have to have any contact if it is not desired and can still reach a level of brown belt. 

Contact is controlled by our instructors at all times and have extremely strict rules including: 

No Strikes to the Head. 

There are many benefits from training karate including 





Self Control 

Self Defense 




Improved Self Esteem 

 Brisbane, QLD email: 

Tel: 0447 577 343

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