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Bonsai Karate is a great activity for families.

Our classes focus on improving fitness, developing relationships, building confidence and self esteem. 

Fun, Positive Environment - we encourage & reward all improvement 

Practical Self Defence - learn to deal with bullying & stranger awareness

Developing Leadership skills - our students learn to help & teach others 

Modern style of karate - with traditional values 

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Perfect for families. Everyone can train together. 

A favourite among families is the all levels class. Instead of sitting and watching, parents are able to jump in a train karate with their children. 


This is great time and money saving way to get your children into a valuable activity, and complete your workout. 

Most of the basic karate techniques we teach can be trained together. 

and then classes are split into senior & junior components

  • ​​​Parents and children train together at the same time 

  • Children are welcome to train in this class

  • Discounted prices for families 

  • Group & individual instruction to improve technique 

  • Your whole family can train together 

  • Class covered in regular price 


All Levels - Ages 5 -75


3 Clorane St

Aspley, Brisbane

Phone: 0447 577 343

Bonsai Karate - North Brisbane 


Tel: 0447 577 343

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