Bonsai Karate is a great activity for Children.

Our classes focus on improving fitness, developing respect, building confidence and self esteem. 

Fun, Positive Environment - We encourage & reward all improvement 

Practical Self Defence - learn to deal with Bullying & stranger awareness

Developing Leadership skills - Our students learn to help & teach others 

Modern style of Karate - with traditional values 


Aspley East State School

Bonsai Karate offers Aspley East State School students an alternative to after-school care by running classes directly after school.

Students come directly from class to the school hall. 

All students are confirmed present with the latest child care software. 

we sign in & parents sign out. 


This class is suitable for all Aspley East SS students from prep to year 6.

Tuesday & Thursday afternoon (school days only)

3:00 -            Students finish class and head to the school hall 

3:00 - 3:15    Students are checked into our system 

3:15 - 4:00    Karate training 

4:00 - 4:15    Supervised break. Instructors re-check attendance

4:15 - 5:00    Karate training 

5:30               Supervise students until latest pick up time 

All of our instructors have working with children blue cards

& current 1st aid training. 


Bonsai Karate has great pride in providing an affordable alternative to after school care that provides learning and care together. 

  • Limited places available 

  • 1 afternoon per week included in regular price (Tuesday or Thursday)

  • Additional cost for 2nd weekly afternoon 

  • Instructors have blue cards & first aid training


Kids samurai.jpg

5 - 12 Years old

Perfect for primary school students, Bonsai Ninjas classes begin the foundation for strong karate. 

Students are taught practical skills to help them everyday, including ways to deal with feeling frustrated using breathing techniques. 

Children develop self control and learn to respect each other. 

Students are taught basic Japanese language and develop understandings of the Japanese culture 

We teach our students to recognise potential risks and what to do in a range of situations including bullying. 

Students begin to help others and lead groups of other children with our leadership program 


  • Fun but focused classes designed for children 

  • Classes open to all members in this age group

  • Instructors have blue cards & first aid training

  • Class covered in regular price 


advanced kid.jpg

9 - 15 Years Old

This class is by invitation only.

A special class for higher grade children to refine technique and develop the skills required to complete their provisional black belt grading.

This class is designed for instructors to work one on one with the students. Small group of children focused on achieving a high standard of karate ability.

Students in this class develop leadership skills that are extremely valuable in school.

Children are able to complete a provisional black belt once they are ready 

  • ​​​Children will be invited to attend 

  • Extra pricing for this class 

  • Individual instruction to improve technique 


family karate 1.jpg

All levels - ages 5-70

Perfect for families. Everyone can train together. 

A favourite among families is the all levels class. Instead of sitting and watching, parents are able to jump in a train karate with their children. 


This is great time and money saving way to get your children into a valuable activity, and complete your workout. 

Most of the basic karate techniques we teach can be trained together. 

classes are often split into senior & junior components

  • ​​​Parents and children train together at the same time 

  • Children are welcome to train in this class

  • Discounted prices for families 

  • Group & Individual instruction to improve technique 

  • Your whole family can train together 

  • Class covered in regular price 



3 Clorane St

Aspley, Brisbane

Phone: 0447 577 343

Bonsai Karate - North Brisbane 


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