October 13, 2018

Bonsai Karate is an amazingly encouraging and nurturing environment. The Sensei's have helped my son gain self-discipline, fitness, respect and self-confidence all while having fun through learning. I am forever grateful for Bonsai Karate. 

Paul Rowell

July 09, 2017

My two boys have been studying at Bonsai Karate for 3 years with Sensei Nick and Sensei Marty and it has given them a massive boost in their confidence, attitude and fitness. They love working their way up the ranks through the belts and always love to attend and be part of the bonsai team. Bonsai make working hard and learning, fun and rewarding, as a parent I have enjoyed watching my boys transform to confident, fit and healthy young men. I believe that Karate is a great gift to give your children and for them a great asset to hold.


December 13, 2018

We came to Bonsai Karate because Sensei Martyn was a family friend. Brandon joined first, Bonnie next, and then much later, me. I wanted the kids to learn karate so that being smaller (girl or boy) didn't equate to not knowing what to do or being vulnerable to bullies (young or grown). We came for a number of reason, but stayed for many more. Sensei Nick & Sensei Martyn Live, Breathe and Love Karate. They have a kick arse attitude and a humorous humility in teaching karate, both as a sport and a weapon in self defence. And they love passing on their knowledge. They teach commitment to karate and to strive to be a little better, one lesson at a time. 


May 31, 2018

At first I was skeptical about starting karate. I knew nothing about martial arts, was overweight, unfit, and had never been in a fight. I  wondered if I was going to be the only novice in the dojo. However, I found Sensei Nick and Sensei Marty to be welcoming, patient and supportive, so I quickly shunned my skepticism and dived in head first. It is something I can’t turn back from now - I benefit every day from the physical fitness, confidence and discipline. I now consider myself part of the Bonsai karate family. Training days are the most exciting days of the week!

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