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Step 1.

Complete Membership form

We use these details to enter you in our Attendance tracking software. Please ask your instructor how to check into our classes. Checking in keeps track of the classes you do for your belt gradings. 

Step 2.

Complete Training Agreement

We require all students to make some agreements prior to beginning classes. This agreement is designed to increase the safety for you and others. 

Step 3

Complete your Payment form

  • Choose your training option and complete the relevant form

  • 12 payments per year (1 each month) This covers 3 payments for each school term 

  • Please set the start date prior to your next class 

1 Person

1 Weekly class

1 Person

Weekly classes

2 family members

1 Weekly class

2 family members

2 Weekly classes

Whole Family

1 Weekly class

Whole Family

2 Weekly classes

FAQ's - Payments

If we have holidays during the school term and can't train, do we have to pay?

No, any time off during school terms (due to holidays) will not be charged. 

Missed classes (due to illness) can be made up by appointment only. 

Will our payments continue during the christmas school holidays?

Yes, there are 12 monthly payments each year. 3 monthly payments for each school term. 

Is Ezidebit the only way to pay for our monthly training?

Yes, Ezidebit is the only option for regular monthly payments. 

FAQ's - Gradings

When will my child be able to grade to the next belt?

We hold regular gradings, once students have attended the required amount of classes, we look at the students ability and assess if anything is required to improve their standard, and then send an invitation via email to attend the next belt grading once they are ready.  

How long does it take to achieve a black belt?

The average time taken, for a student training 2/3 times each week is around 5-6 years. 

Why are some students grading faster?

Some students are training more weekly classes and therefore exposes to more karate. This intensity moves students through their belts faster. 

FAQ's - Uniforms

Do I need to get a uniform straight away?

No, You are welcome to train in clothing suitable to exercise and wait until you know you would like to stick at the karate before purchasing a uniform. 

You are welcome to buy a uniform straight away if desired, they are $75 for a light weight uniform. 

Do I need to get a sparring set?

Yes, for the first class or two, we have some gear you can use, but we recommend getting your own sparring gear as soon as possible

How do I tie my belt?

Video Link for tying Belt (coming soon)

Belt tying video
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