Bonsai Karate is a great activity for Adults.

Our classes focus on improving fitness, building confidence,

Learning to defend yourself and your family and most importantly developing friendships  

Fun, Positive Environment - We encourage & reward all improvement 

Practical Self Defence - learn a practical self defence ability 

Developing Leadership skills - our students learn to help & teach others 

Feel welcomed from the very first class 


Full contact karate is available to Adults.

Our classes focus on conditioning the mind and the body. 

If you would like to bring your karate to the next level and train a little harder

We offer Full Contact Training 

NOT COMPULSORY - We understand not everyone wants to train at this level. 

Our Adult classes cater for all levels of training. 

3 Clorane St

Aspley, Brisbane

Phone: 0447 577 343

End of Pritchard Place Bracken Ridge, Brisbane

Phone: 0447 577 343

47 Glen Retreat Rd, Mitchelton, Brisbane

Phone: 0447 577 343

Bonsai Karate - North Brisbane 


Tel: 0447 577 343

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