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Bonsai in Japan

Bonsai Karate's trip to Japan, January 2020.

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January 2020.

16 students from Bonsai Karate ventured to Tokyo to train karate at the JKA honbu.

JKA - Japan Karate Association

Japan Karate Association (日本 空手 協会; Nihon Karate Kyokai; JKA; sometimes referred to simply as Kyokai 協会 in Japan) is one of the most influential Shotokan karate organizations in the world. It is also one of the oldest karate organizations continuously in operation until the present.

Even though Bonsai Karate follows the Kyokushin Karate training style, some of the Kata we train are Shotokan. The 5 classes we did in Tokyo were amazing. We were taught by 5 different Sensei's covering Stances, Blocks, Kicks, Kata and 5 step sparring.

I once again felt like a white belt trying to change 25 years of karate to adapt to the different ways of using similar techniques.

The Shotokan system works on very fast techniques, students learn to cover large distances very quickly.

The cold weather was a wonderful break from the heat and smoke from the bush fires in Australia, with the average temp in Tokyo being around 5.

After our group training. everyone planned time travelling and sightseeing different areas of Japan.

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