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Morgan dipped foam head guards are extremely light and safe, our dipped foam head guards are easy to put on and remove, makes this one of the most versatile head guards in Australia. Our Dipped foam head guards can be used for any martial art ranging from general training to elite competition use. Our dipped foam head guard has numerous breathable air holes throughout to reduce sweat and a Velcro fastening chin strap. Made in Taiwan using high-quality soft EVA foam, then dipped in a PVC resin, and finally vacuum moulded to finish.

  • Ideal for all martial arts style training
  • Multiple ventilation points on the entire head guard
  • Elastic chin strap for easy tightening
  • Easy to keep clean with non-absorbent lining
  • Made from the thick dipped EVA foam



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PLEASE NOTE: All items will be delivered to your next class.

Some items may take up to 1 week if not in stock.

All sizes can be changed.

Dipped Foam Head Guard

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