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The Morgan MMA classic training gloves are designed using a singular piece of latex inner foam,  with an additional layer of infused foam over the knuckle portion of gloves allows for heavy hammer fist.  Using an open palm design allows for an easy transition to submissions from ground and pound.  Designed for MMA fitness,  MMA training and pad work the classic MMA gloves have also incorporated a 20cm wrist strapping system with an additional elasticated strip that helps provide excellent wrist stability.


  • Made from enhanced synthetic Nylex fabric
  • Dual layer padding over knuckles and full open palm design
  • 20cm multi-point velcro strap with piping at finger tips
  • Ideal for all training needs and bag work



We accept returns, please contact us immediately if:

You change your mind and wish to request a return or refund

Your product was damaged

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PLEASE NOTE: All items will be delivered to your next class.

Some items may take up to 1 week if not in stock.

All sizes can be changed.

Morgan MMA Gloves

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